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Your documents are more accessible and easier to navigate when they include a table of contents. Adobe Acrobat does not provide you with a convenient way.

Is it possible to replace the comma splitter with a line break, i. Many thanks. Hello, David, To combine the cells with line break, the following User Defined Function may help you. Cells I. After getting the results with this formula, you should click the Wrap Text to get the correct results you need. It works when I put it in the same sheet as input data, but i need both tables in different sheets and it doesn't work.

Yes, what you want to do is add the function to a module.

Any functions you put in there will be useable on any sheet in your workbook. Is there a way to do this on Mac???? It's exactly what I need - please let me know or if any mac software would do it that you know of.


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I had a problem after pasting this code into Excel - it contains non-regular spaces perhaps non-breaking spaces? It is the indentation spaces that are the problem. Paste the code into Word and turn on hidden characters to see them. Worked like a charm! There ARE come spaces that show as a different character. Thanks a lot Dave! Wonder how you came up with the idea!

Also, wonder how it works for some other peeps.. Anyway, thanks again! Any ideas? In the past, with some imported VBA modules, I have noticed that I had to replace the "," by ";" as in my PC, maybe owing to my regional settings, that's the only way it works. Avidly use the built in sumifs etc. One more possibility that comes to mind is the fact that in office , "concat" replaces "concactenate". Can you help out please? Thanks in advance, Yash. The code uses some non-breaking spaces for indentation, these trip up Excel Hard to spot an invisible error..

It does not work for the big data range. I found that its working datarange is up to A2:A We would be grateful if you share the solution to cover the wider data range like A2:A Thank you. I found it's working range is only up to A2:A We would be grateful if you share the solution for the big data range like A2:A Works great just slow. I am doing it with 27k lines of text in excel just set it off go for a brew and leave it to run. Awesome, thank you!

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I used the VBA solution and it worked great. Extremely helpful and nicely explained. Explained in detailed and easy to understand, really helped when i was stuck at exact same situation. Taking more time for updating the same concatenateif formula. I am looking for a way to use a variation of this code to create a variant list based on master variant. Trying to do this manually is impossible but I cannot find a solution that fits my needs.

This VBA code saved the day for me. Recommendation: Download the exchange rates from the ECB. Open the CSV file by double-clicking on it and copy the sheet into your Excel workbook. As you can see on the screenshot, the formula is quite long. Because all the exchange rates given in the CSV file are converting to EUR, you need to look up two exchange rates and divide them by each other. Please feel free to download the example workbook here. Excel too slow? Speed it up. Get the book now! Tired of waiting for Excel? Use the 30 best methods described in this book to speed up Excel calculations!

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Completely free! Get up-to-date exchange rates directly into your Excel workbook. For installing the add-in, download the setup file below, click on it and follow the instructions.

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The reason is, that — if you use it multiple times — your Excel might freeze if the exchange rates are updated permanently. You can further define within the settings, what happens if an exchange rate is not available e. Ich habe Windows10 und Excel Proffesinal Plus. Mit dem Semikolon funktioniert es super!

Wenn nicht, dann mach eich es lieber manuell mit Tabellen sonst funktioniert die Datei ja auf dem Mac nicht. I love your tool!

I was wondering if the date can be used as an monthly average and if so, how can that be done? Dear Marie-Claude, What about setting up a new worksheet, having the dates from 1st of January or whatever date you need to start with until today in column A.

Column B has the number of month, column C the year and Column D has the exchange rate with from the currency conversion tool. Does that solve your question? Best regards, Henrik.

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Is it possible to extend the current currency list. Secondly, is there a way to include cryptocurrencies? Dear Confucius, Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the current currency list is determined by the data input, which is provided by the European Central Bank.

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I can only add more currencies if the daily input file contains more currencies. Which currencies are you looking for? If yes, I could take a look at it. I have been using the add-in and up until recently it has been working fine, but the last few days excel is locking up and not responding after the data is updated.

I have to reload the spreadsheet. I emailed you the error messages, one of them is Error , where it says the update failed. I am using Office After the update fails, the formulas are changed to a directory link to the.


Something seems to have confused Excel in how to handle the updates. When typing a formula manually and NOT clicking the update button, the correct conversion is returned. I would like to either make a small donation or purchase the Excel Tools if you could please provide me some support with this issue.