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Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor suggests further that men also should use skin care products on a regular basis and applying bronzer may be a good idea! Mickey further added that men also should try using concealer on their under-eye area so as to make their eyes look well rested. Mickey Contractor was also quoted by Huffington post, for his views on strongest makeup trends in Bollywood. Mickey advices women to stick to their natural skin color, adding that in India every woman wants to look fair for some odd reason.

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A blush in a shade of peach or pink is recommended by Mickey Contractor bridal makeup. A blush should be applied on the apple of the cheeks and one should work upwards and outwards.

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Lips should be lined using a lip liner, and then should be blended along with a pale shade of lipstick leaving no sharp lines. Finally, MAC brow finisher is the product he recommends to get natural looking eyebrows. He says that eyebrows form the frame of the face, and thus, one should concentrate on the brows to make them look right. On rainy days, for women who cannot avoid foundation, use M. MAC tinted lipglosses are your safest bet for rainy days.

I hope you liked the article on makeup tips by Mickey Contractor girls! The next time you head for a party, just follow these Mickey Contractor Makeup tips for a picture perfect looks.

21 Must-Have MAC Eyeshadows for Your Collection

Take care and stay beautiful. Blanc Type -this is a matte, creamy beige shade and very opaque. Grain -This is a satin finish shadow, which is my all time favorite kind of finish. It gives a nice gleam to the skin without the crazy glitter fallout that is just not attractive on anyone. Grain is described as a golden beige with an icy shimmer. It is a beautiful shade to wear all over the lid for a very soft daytime look.

Vex -I first learned about the awesome-ness that is Vex from watching a Pixiwoo video. I generally shy away from cool-toned shadows but I just had to have it. It lays down as beige but has pink and green shimmer in it, depending on the light.

Best Mac Eyeshadows - My Customized Palette

This is another great shade for all over the lid, the inner corner, or even to blend out the crease if you want a neat night-time kind of eye. It has a beige, sort of gold tone to hit with hints of pink, at least on my skin.

MAC Carbon matte, MAC Corn satin, MAC Silver ring

It is definitely my all time used lid shade. Jest -Although pinks can definitely be tricky to pull off it brings to mind diseased, runny eyes , this one looks lovely on the lid, blended out with a soft brown in the crease.

Jest instantly brightens my eyes and gives a nice warmth to the skin. Get it. I am so glad that I did! Quarry comes out to play a lot in the fall and winter.

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It is described on the MAC website as a soft, muted rosy brown. Omega -This shade is the workhorse of the bunch. It is a cool-toned, soft, muted beige taupe. Woodwinked -When I got Woodwinked, I was slightly terrified of it.

10 must-have Morphe eyeshadow palettes

It seemed so bright and shiny in the pan, and I was sure it would look ridiculous on my eyes. Boy was I wrong! I get compliments every time I wear this shade. It happens to also have the biggest dent in it out of all my MAC shades. If you have blue or green eyes, this will make them P-O-P! However, when I do wear it, I get lots of compliments, so I wear it fairly often and included it in my top