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Bandizip error reporting function is improved. Function added - It shows the error message when Bandizip freezes and an error occurs while editing files. Function added - It shows alert when the space of the designated folderis not enough in 'Select the Extraction Path' window. Other minor bugs fixed. Read more.

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Apps similar to Bandizip 6. WinRAR 5. WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. PeaZip 6. Free, open source archiver featuring volume spanning, authenticated encryption and compression in several formats. WinZip Commands fset : fast set WeeChat and plugins options. For example " q" searches all options with "q" inside name while "q" closes the fset buffer.

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Options Sections in file fset. First example: connect to oftc and check certificate Import certificate in shell:. It is possible to concatenate many certificates in file CAs. Second example: connect to oftc using CertFP Create certificate in shell:. If you are using an old version of TOR before 0. It is known only if WeeChat has been compiled inside the git repository and if git was installed. Target buffer for IRC messages It is possible to customize target buffer for IRC messages buffer used to display message with options irc.

Non-comprehensive list of IRC messages or alias that you can customize:. Display invitation on current buffer, only for "freenode" server:. Display message "" ison on WeeChat "core" buffer:.

Commands admin : find information about the administrator of the server. Capabilities supported by WeeChat are: account-notify, away-notify, cap-notify, chghost, extended-join, invite-notify, multi-prefix, server-time, userhost-in-names. The capabilities to automatically enable on servers can be set in option irc. If option irc. Options Sections in file irc. Logger The Logger plugin lets you save content of buffers to files, with options about what and how it is saved. Log levels Logging is made with a level for each buffer.

Possible levels are 0 to 9. Zero means "do not log anything" and 9 means "log all messages". Plugins are using different levels for messages displayed. IRC plugin uses following levels:. Filenames masks It is possible to define a filename mask for each buffer, and use local buffer variables to build filename. Commands logger : logger plugin configuration. Options Sections in file logger. Relay The Relay plugin is used to relay data via network, using different protocols:.

Password It is highly recommended to set a password for relay, with command:. This password is used for irc and weechat protocols. It must be a string encoded in base32, with only letters and digits from 2 to 7, for example:. You can create a certificate and private key with following commands:.

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If WeeChat is already running, you can reload the certificate and private key with command:. You can define one port by IRC server, or one generic port for all servers. You can connect with a remote interface, see the list in Relay. Now you can connect on port with a remote interface using password "mypassword".

Commands relay : relay control. Options Sections in file relay. Script commands script : WeeChat script manager. Script options Sections in file script. Python options Sections in file python. Perl options Sections in file perl. Ruby options Sections in file ruby. Lua options Sections in file lua.

Tcl options Sections in file tcl. Guile options Sections in file guile. Javascript options Sections in file javascript.

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  6. PHP options Sections in file php. Spell Spell plugin lets you check spelling in command line. Dictionaries Before using spell checking, dictionaries must be defined, either globally or specific to buffers. Multiple dictionaries can be used at same time: WeeChat will check words in all dictionaries. Speller options Speller options can be defined by adding options in section "option" of aspell configuration.

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    Example of suggestions with English and French dictionaries en,fr :. Commands spell : spell plugin configuration. Default key to toggle spell checker is alt-s. Options Sections in file spell. Trigger Trigger is the Swiss Army knife for WeeChat: it can hook many things signal, modifier, print, etc. Default triggers WeeChat creates 5 triggers by default, which can be disabled, updated or deleted:.

    Anatomy of a trigger A trigger has the following options names are trigger. For example, the default beep trigger has following options:.


    Execution When a trigger callback is called, following actions are executed, in this order, if triggers are globally enabled and if the trigger itself is enabled:. Hook arguments The arguments depend on the hook used. They are separated by semicolons. Conditions The conditions are used to continue processing in trigger, or stop everything. Regular expression The regular expression is used to change variables in callback hashtable.

    If var is not specified, the default variable is used, it depends on hook type:. Command The command is executed after replacement of text with the regular expression.