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Since the theme of the CD was all about nostalgia, she decided to proceed a bonus booklet as fashion designer Hoang Hai and make up artist Ho Khanh were asked to prepare the most perfect looks for the booklet to match the vibe of the CD itself.

Đàm Vĩnh Hưng: Họ gọi tôi là ‘ca sĩ thổ tả’ thì tại sao phải nhịn?

She shared: "I put lots of effort to produce this with the bottom of my heart as an appreciation for timeless songs of Vu Thanh An". Previous singers had already performed all the songs successfully however there were still mistakes regarding the lyrics. Therefore, the songwriter himself corrected each note and each lyric before handing Le Quyen the final pieces for recording progress. He expected it to be the most completed version to pass to later generation. Also in the press conference of the CD, she shared that she was afraid that "people had been customized with previous versions from other singers, so they would be complaining to listen to my versions instead".

Besides, she also shared that she had spent lots of time discussing with the legal copyright owner in order to record all the songs correctly following Vu Thanh An's request. According to her, Vu Thanh An demanded that she must insert emotion alongside with singing technique yet not so "showing off". Therefore, she had to decrease her original voice to fully present the song. Untitled song number 7 was the most difficult one as she had to perform it based on acoustic version of Vinh Tam.

When being interviewed regarding Le Quyen's voice, songwriter Vu Thanh An shared: Many singers was born in each era as a mean to bring happiness for everyone. I have been listening to my songs and each of them have their own ways of demonstrating the song in their own world. Le Quyen is unique. In her, I could see a beauty and modern voice but there is something like love between humans underneath.

All of the untitled songs must have been linked with a secret, maybe it's why he didn't name each song separately? However the most important is the core of music as Vu Thanh An is the example of those artists who create art with every fiber of their hearts. Hopefully those are unlucky in love will find comfort in those untitled songs". I'm thankful for chances that I'm given, as well as love from everyone".

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Maybe it's why all of his love songs, even some was unfinished, or so much painful, the audience could be able to search for hopes at the end of each. The theater was filled with the attendance of more than 2, audiences. Vu Thanh An himself carefully corrected each note, each lyric before handing Le Quyen the final pieces so she could perform live nationally. All songs was remixed added her unique voice delivered the audience new vibes from timeless songs of Vu Thanh An.

Since I know that the audience love this series". The process of choosing 11 songs for this album was challenging as 2 previous albums had been greatly successful for their music and idea syndication. This was an exciting challenge for Le Quyen to deliver new song based on old rhythm. I have been knowing him for years and also performed many of his songs".

During her American tour, she visited Lam Phuong to know that he had known her via television and promised to give her more songs to perform from his collection of unannounced songs.

Bệnh Trầm Cảm và Công Việc Chăm Sóc (Depression and Caregiving)

In February 22, , she was confirmed to be one of the coaches for the reality show Bolero Idol second season alongside three famous ballad singers Ngoc Son , Dam Vinh Hung and Quang Le. At the final night in June 16, , one of her team members Trieu Quan was the runner up of Bolero Idol Six singers represented six different colors of music that had been with many Vietnamese from around the world who obtained so many beautiful memories to contemporary aliveness.

Hàn Mặc Tử - cái chết được báo trước trong thơ

They won over the audience by quality and serious music products over the course of their year career. In , on the stage, they again together contributed timeless songs of Vietnam music. Trinh Vinh Trinh - younger sister of late songwriter Trinh Cong Son commented that: "Thank you, for a singer who is not specialized in singing Trinh Cong Son's songs but you have greatly presented these songs in a newer way. It was beyond the expectation of the songwriter but also the audience.

Personally saying, I really like it. Thank you and also those who had performed my brother's songs previously". The ticket was sold out 20 days prior, and more seats was added due to high demand. Le Quyen is one of the most active singers in charity of Vietnam as she has been launching several charitable concerts titled Tinh Nghe Si.

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Starting from the sympathy and wanting to support artists who live under difficult conditions, she and other colleagues like Dam Vinh Hung, Quang Linh, Everytime a new album is released, they all support me regardless. To me, that statement is worth million times more than any award or honor ever. My opinion is that as long as I keep singing, there will be audiences, as well as hopefully that I'm able to perform many different genres to widen my number of audiences as much as possible.

I could be unlike others, my success is also different from others, however my audiences are divers who are very loyal to my music release, whether it's pop or old music, all of them have already experienced in life in many ways before. Up to now, I have never tried to frame myself into certain mold, because it limits my ability.

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What will arrive will arrive. What I do is to thoroughly research what I will do to evaluate if I'm capable of it.

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That's it". I believe that my audiences are those who would like to enjoy real music. At least up to now, I have never dreamed to be reward any award. I don't dare to say that I don't need them, but to confirm that I'm not dreaming of those.


Who knows, the day I step on the stage to receive any award, I won't be the same like now". During oversea tours, she spent all night giving me many advice which I really appreciate because not everyone is able to do that. I always memorize her word as being talented is not enough but also along with attitude, treating others equally. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. VietNamNet in Vietnamese.

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